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Transportation & Human Services Coordination Study

Transportation/Human Services Coordination Study

The Transportation/Human Services Coordination study seeks to:
  • Understand the opportunities and barriers for improved transportation and human service program coordination in Oregon at the state agency and local level;
  • Evaluate the current state of coordination in Oregon;
  • Evaluate transportation programs and services managed by the participating state agencies to identify opportunities for collaboration that result in efficiencies and better access to transportation services by citizens;
  • Measure the cost-benefit of the current practices; and
  • Make recommendations regarding specific practices that if implemented or continued, could result in the greatest benefits and efficiencies.
The study builds on prior work on transportation-human services coordination in the state, including the 2000 The Coordination Challenge, a 2008 Portland State University special needs study and local transportation-human services coordination plans.  This new study will identify what has changed in terms of coordination since 2000.  It will assess prior work to identify what has worked well and what barriers have prevented implementation of recommendations for improved coordination. While not focusing on any particular agency, the study will evaluate how state agencies that provide transportation services coordinating among themselves and with local and regional providers, how they can leverage efficiencies in the services they provide, and what can they do to foster/improve local coordination. A toolbox of strategies to provide services more efficiently will be a key deliverable. 

The Oregon Department of Transportation, Public Transit Division, has contracted with the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) to manage the study. AOC has hired Cogan Owens Cogan to conduct the study. A policy Steering Committee and a Technical Advisory Committee have been established to provide guidance. 

Contact: Ann Hanus
    Office: 503-585-8351
       Cell: 503-871-9764
    Email: Ann Hanus

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