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AOC Leadership

The Association of Oregon Counties is governed by an elected slate of officers and a Board of Directors.  The Executive Director oversees the staff.  In addition to regular meetings of the officers and the Board, the AOC Legislative Committee meets frequently during legislative sessions to keep abreast of current and pending legislation impacting Oregon counties.  AOC has nine steering committees that focus on specific issues and challenges facing Oregon counties.

Each of Oregon's 36 counties is a member of one of eight AOC districts, which are based on geographic regions.  Each district holds an annual meeting in one of the district counties and again at the Annual Conference each fall.  The meetings are a key element of AOC's communications exchange.  

2015 AOC Officers

Sherman County Judge Gary Thompson has been elected AOC President for 2014. Columbia County Commissioner Earl Fisher is now the Immediate Past President.  Umatilla County Commissioner Larry Givens was elected First Vice President. Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Hall was elected Second Vice President.  Polk County Commissioner Craig Pope continues as  AOC's Treasurer. They join AOC Executive Director Mike McArthur on the AOC Executive Team.

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