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All AOC Staff can be reached by phone at 503-585-8351. Click the name of an employee for a link to individual email addresses.
 Management / Policy Staff

Mike McArthur Executive Director

 Rob Bovett
Legal Counsel
Governance; Labor Relations; 
Ocean; Drugs; Elections

Gil Riddell  
Policy Director
Public Lands, Natural Resources and Agriculture;
Assessment and Taxation; Revenue and Finance

Laura Cleland Director of Communications and Operations
Internal and External Communications;  
Publications; County College
Mary Stern Policy Manager 
Community and Economic Development; 

 Mark Nystrom
Policy Manager
Environment and Sustainability; Alternative
Renewable Energy; Land Use Planning
 Patrick Sieng Policy Manager
Public Safety and Courts; Telecommunication
Stacy Michaelson Policy Manager
Public Health; Mental Health; Human Services
Andrew Smith  Policy Manager
Veterans Affairs

Eric Schmidt Communications Manager
Internal and External Communications;
Telecommunications; Media Relations
Mckenzie Farrell  Member Services and Communication Manager

Joann Hendrix
Senior Administrative Manager
Meeting and Travel
 Kimi Wong Fiscal Services Manager

Jan Schindel Administrative Assistant I

Todd Harker Desktop and Web Support Specialist

Brianna Melhorn Management Assistant
 County Road Program
 Emily Ackland  County Road Program Manager
  Larry Harker Integrated Road Information System Manager
  Jeff Warner Lead Programmer Analyst
  Casper Lehner Information Technology Specialist II
  Daniel Hauser County Road Program Policy Specialist
     AOC Consultants
Doris Penwell

 Renewable Energy
  Bill Penhollow  County Road Manual

Physical Address

1201 Court St. NE Ste 300
Salem, OR 97301-4110
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