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Gary Thompson
Sherman County Judge
AOC President 2015

For more than one hundred years the Association of Oregon Counties has worked tirelessly to strengthen and improve county government in Oregon. AOC works in conjunction with our state and federal partners to insure that Oregonians receive the services they need and deserve. This website will provide you with details about all of our counties and the services AOC provides to you and our counties. Feel free to contact the AOC office in Salem for more information on county services and any questions you might have. Thank you for your interest in AOC and county government in Oregon.




The Association of Oregon Counties is excited to announce
the launch of our new website at www.OregonCounties.org

The new website is faster, easier to use, and mobile-friendly. 

To accommodate longtime users of the www.aocweb.org website, we will keep this site accessible, but not updated, for approximately three months. We encourage all visitors to use our new website.

AOC Response to the Demise of the Transportation Package - The Association of Oregon Counties is tremendously disappointed that a comprehensive transportation package will not be completed by this session of the Oregon Legislature. Read the full statement here.

Oregon County Structures  -  There are three forms of county government in Oregon.  Home Rule Counties.  General Law Counties. County Courts. This Chart shows the structure of Oregon's 36 counties.  It also shows which counties have non-partisan boards and courts.  If you'd like more information about county government, please contact the AOC office at 503-585-8351 and ask for the Communications Manager.

Contact a County Commissioner or Judge.  Click Here for the names and email addresses of the 120 County Commissioners and Judges of Oregon. 

Oregon Counties - Providing Vital Public Services Since 1843. Click Here AOC has produced a 15 minute video about county government in Oregon. If you want a DVD of your own to show in your county, contact Eric or Laura at the AOC office. (It looks great on a big screen!) 


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